Property Management Software Integration:

Property managers want the convenience of ordering and viewing background checks with the click of a mouse in their property management software. ACRAnet and their partners have done just that. The integration enables property managers the ability to combine the power of ACRAnet’s background screening software with the user-friendly management software.

ACRAnet is always looking for ways to help their clients become more efficient and partnering with Property Management software systems plays a large role in accomplishing this. By using ACRAnet’s integration with our partnered software providers, property managers are able to place orders and view reports without going outside your property management software. This solution will even populate ACRAnet’s powerful recommendation into an applicant’s management software profile.

Custom Lease Integration

Speed up the leasing process by generating ready-to-print lease forms with the click of a mouse. The forms are automatically pre-populated with the information that was already entered by the applicant. Create, edit, store,
and even upload your own legal and other forms.